About Us

Creativity With Color was established with the hope that people of all ages would come together, mingle, and paint, all while creating something to be proud of.


Kristen Vincelette, an artist by nature, a student for life, a Graphic Designer and an Illustrator by degree. A resident of Westport, Massachusetts, she received her first artistic award at Westport Elementary School. A door to her future endowment was now opened as she continued practicing her craft through Westport Middle and Westport High. Her college years began at Bristol Community College - Fall River, Massachusetts where she graduated with an Associate in Arts Degree with a concentration in Graphic Design. Then as an art transfer student into the College of Visual Arts at The University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, she rounded out her education with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Illustration. Her passion lies in teaching painting and in creating images that are TRUE to LINE and VIBRANT in COLOR.